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Nilavuke Enmel Ennadi Gopam Post

Nilavuke Enmel Ennadi Gopam directed by actor Dhanush has been released and is going viral on social media.
The poster of ‘Nilavuku Enmel Ennadi Gobam’ directed by actor Dhanush has been released and has attracted the attention of fans and continues to do so. Actor Dhanush is an actor in Tamil cinema. Captain Miller was the last film released with the actor replacing Dhanush. The poster and trailer of the movie were released and it was well received by the fans.

The team thought that Captain Miller would be a big hit and the fans went to the movie to think about it. But the film did not do so well that it can be called a failure. After this film, Dhanush will direct and act in his next film D50. After Tamil films, he acted in several Hindi and Telugu films. As a busy actor with many film projects, Valam Dhanush shows great interest in acting. Dhanush, who made his debut in Tamil cinema with Ba Pandi, is now directing his 50th film D50. Dhanush is doing another movie after this movie. The name of this movie is Angry at Me.

Dhanush’s son Pavish is playing the lead role in this film, which is made as a romantic drama. Ajith’s daughter of actress Anika Surendran will play opposite him. Pavish will enter it as the new hero of Tamil cinema with this movie. With the shooting of the movie in full swing, the trailer of the movie was shown and attracted the attention of the fans. In it, the scene of Pavish-Anika Surendran being in love while sitting on the beach is shown in the poster. This poster is going viral on the internet right now.



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