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Russian couples should have more children,” Putin repeated!

President Putin has called on Russian couples to have more children. Because of the threat that threatens Russia from events such as the expansion of the NATO forces, the country supports the increase of the military. In particular, it is believed that 300,000 Russian soldiers died during the two-year war in Ukraine. Also, the number of births in Russia is decreasing since the year 1999. The population of the country is 14.34 crores as per the 2021 census. The growth is said that the growth of the city are at risk for reduction. Speaking in the language of the Russian capital and end of last year, Pudin said:

“It’s the custom of creating a strong family in five hundred or more. Russian families should not forget that our ancestors had 8 or more children. We will also protect these great traditions,” he said. He still insists on this today: President Putin once again wants Russian couples to have more children. He insisted that a couple must have at least two children. In this regard, “To live as a nation, a family must have at least two children. If we have only one child, our number will decrease,” he said while addressing a meeting of factory workers. Last year, in 2022, when the Russian army attacked their country neighboring Ukraine, the war killed many refugees.



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