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An angry Stalin wakes up!

The BJP government spread spikes and nails on the roads against the protesting farmers. Who are terrorists? Farmers? Is it the government? asked Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Stalin angrily.

Punjab farmers started Salo Rally in Delhi yesterday morning, demanding different things. The Punjab government did not end this session. After the protest reached the Punjab-Haryana border in less than two hours, the state police stopped the farmers at the Shambu border. When the farmers tried to invade the camps, the police stopped them by firing tear gas, spraying water and using arrows.

The Haryana BJP government, determined to prevent farmers from crossing its state border, has beefed up security along the border. Internet services were disrupted in Ambala, Kurushetra, Kaithal, Jind, Hisar, Badehabad and Hisar in Delhi region.

Road barricades to prevent farmers’ protest: Barricades have also been erected on roads in the Delhi border. To prevent vehicles from entering the city, concrete walls and iron spikes are being reinforced at some places along the border. Nails are placed on the road to puncture the tires of farmers’ cars. On this issue, leaders of the All India Union criticized the BJP government for suppressing the farmers’ protest. Meanwhile, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister and DMK President Muk Stalin criticized the BJP government for suppressing the farmers’ protest. Against the agricultural workers: In a letter written by Stalin to the DMK workers, “the Indian capital Delhi and the states including Madhya Pradesh are in conflict like the clouds of war.



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