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Isro chief Somnath Report released on the day of Aditya L1 injection…!

September 2, 2023… ISRO takes center stage in the pages of history by launching the Aditya L1 spacecraft. Somnath, the ISRO director, was the lead in the Chandrayaan 3 and Aditya L1 programmes. His leadership was the main reason why India became the first country to land the Chandrayaan 3 spacecraft on the southern side of the moon. He is not only the head of ISRO but also an advisor to his fellow scientists.

In this regard, Somnath said in an interview that the doctors told him that there was a problem in his body on the day of the launch of Aditya L1. Speaking in an interview, Somnath said, “I had a problem with my body the day Chandrayaan 3 was launched, but I was not sure at that time. But the day Aditya gave L1, I was diagnosed with cancer through CT scan. My test report was released on September 2.

Then I was diagnosed with colon cancer. This news came as a big surprise to me. It scared my family and co-workers. However, I didn’t overdo it and focused on my work. After that, I was admitted to a hospital in Chennai and underwent further chemotherapy. I spent four nights in the hospital. When I left the hospital on the fifth day, I started to focus on my work. The doctors told me that cancer runs in my family, so it is hereditary. I am completely healed now. I will continue my work from now on. I will also have a medical check-up from time to time,” said Somnath.



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