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South Korea will increase the number of doctors!!!

The government has decided to increase medical education in South Korean medical schools by 2,000 places starting from the academic year 2025. The national government also plans to increase medical education in South Korea by 10,000 places. ‘by 2035. South Korea has one of the lowest. doctor-patient ratio. There are only 2.5 doctors per thousand patients. For this reason, the government announces its intention to increase the number of places in medical training.

Many people in the country believe that the move will lead to competition among doctors and therefore they will join the protest. Up to 80% of the people support the government policy. South Korea is one of the countries with a private health care system. Here, more than 90% of hospitals are private hospitals. This places local doctors among the highest paid in the world. Their salaries here will be higher than the national average. At the same time, the country’s elderly population is increasing rapidly.

As a result, there has been an environment where the number of doctors will need more in the future and in this situation, about 8,000 working doctors have resigned against the government’s plan to increase medical education. Hundreds of doctors gathered in Seoul and other cities on Tuesday. They also said that they were not informed about the government’s decision.

A group of medical experts in Korea also said that if the government implements this plan, there will be endless stressful work, which will cause serious problems for hospital patients. People suffer in many hospitals because of delays in surgery and damage to treatment.



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