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Cancer cure song for 100 rupees… India’s new vision will work?

The Tata Cancer Institute in Mumbai has discovered a new drug for the treatment of cancer. This pill will be of great help in preventing cancer recurrence after cancer treatment. This drug was developed as a result of continuous research by doctors and researchers of Tata company for ten years. Cancer patients can get cancer again even after chemotherapy and radiation. This drug can reduce the risk of second cancer. Commenting on the research, Rajendra Padve, Oncologist, Tata Hospital, says, “In this research, human cancer cells are injected into the body of mice and the cancer develops locally. body. After that, the mice received treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy. During treatment, cancer cells die and leave the body called chromatin. These can spread to other parts of the body and cause another cancer. This medicine works as a remedy for this. The chemicals resveratrol and copper (R+Cu) in this drug destroy chromatin.

It is believed to damage chromatin when injected into mice for experiments. It can also reduce the effects of chemotherapy. When this drug is taken, it quickly enters the bloodstream and starts working immediately. This drug reduces the risk of cancer recurrence by 30 percent and side effects by up to 50 percent. It is worth noting that this drug is only 100 rupees in an environment where cancer treatment costs millions and billions.



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