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60-year-old Indian wins Dubai’s jobless lottery jackpot 8 crores … the price for waiting 15 years!

An Indian resident of UAE has won a jackpot of over Rs 8 in Dubai Duty Free Draw lottery.
Dubai Duty Free Lottery offers millions of prizes. Therefore, the Dubai Duty Free Lottery ticket announced last month took place on the 2nd. As a result, an Indian living in the UAE won $1 million.

The 60-year-old has lived in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, for 39 years. There he works as a senior consultant in an insurance company. Lottery Enthusiast Sunil Nayyar has been participating in Duty Free Lottery for 15 years till now Sunil Nayyar has not won even once. However, Sunil Nayyar is playfully hoping that one day, luck will turn in our favor. Sunil Nayyar bought ticket 0971 online on February 21. This ticket has a jackpot of $1 million in Millennium Millionaire Series 452.

Its Indian value is Rs 8,28,46,350 crore. Similarly, level 5 tennis player Ugo Humbert joined the draw. Sunil Nayyar’s winning ticket was chosen by him. Sunil Nayyar, who won the million dollar jackpot, said of his victory saying: “Thank you, Dubai Duty Free. I have been buying tickets for your ads for a long time. Although I didn’t win the prize, I never lost faith. I am confident that one day I will win. Finally, he did. My faith paid off. He said I won… and the prize money will go towards his son’s education as he is now



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