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Kerala Lottery BR-95 has released a big update!

Kerala State Lotteries Department BR-95 Christmas and New Year has released dates and times.
The state government of Kerala manages the lottery industry. Daily draws are conducted by the gambling department, which is the revenue generating department of the state. Apart from this, different special vibrations are also performed. Christmas and New Year Sweep, Summer Bomper Sweep, Vishu Bumper Sweep, Seasonal Bomper Sweep, Thiruvonam Sweep and Puja Bumper Sweep are in the class.

A special Pooja painting took place last November. 16 crore rupees was announced as the first prize. Special prices are available for tickets sold by Kasaragod companies. Similarly, Rs 1 crore each was given to 4 people as second prize. The draw was followed by the introduction of special Christmas and New Year tickets.

After Thiruvananthapuram bumper lottery, the biggest prize is given for Christmas and New Year lottery, therefore, this lottery ticket is very popular among people. People show interest in buying this ticket as many prizes are offered. So what are the amazing Christmas and New Year lottery prizes? How much does it cost to make a painting? Where will the painting take place? What time does it take place? What is the total cost of the ticket? Information and number of published procedures. Accordingly, Rs 20 crore was announced as the first prize. Last time, Rs 16 crore was announced as the top prize, this time, Rs 4 crore has been increased to Rs 20 crore. Apart from this, the Kerala Lotteries Department has declared an unprecedented mega number this season. That is, Rs 1 crore each has been announced to 20 people as the second prize. 10 lakh rupees each was announced to 30 people as the third prize. As fourth prize, 20 people will receive Rs 3 lakh each. 2 lakh rupees each was announced to 20 people as the fifth prize. 5,000 rupees each was announced to 27,000 people as the sixth prize. As the seventh prize, 48,600 people will receive two thousand rupees.



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