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Important decision in Ponmudi case!!!!!

Ponmudi served as higher education minister during the DMK regime from 2006 to 2011. During this period, a case was filed against Ponmudi and his wife Visalakshi for adding assets to the tune of Rs 1.75 crore more than money. In 2011, the Anti-Corruption Bureau sued and confiscated his assets.

Justice Jayachandran is now the legal secretary of the then AIADMK government under the Prevention of Corruption Act. It should be noted that it was he who ordered the disposal of property in Ponmudi.

Meanwhile, in 2016, the Villupuram court acquitted Ponmudi and his wife in the case. In addition, the Anti-Corruption Agency in 2011 lifted the suspended asset. However, the anti-corruption department filed a separate appeal in the Madras High Court against Ponmudi’s release and against lifting the release of the property. Supreme Court Justice Jayachandran, who heard the case, yesterday sentenced Ponmudi and his wife Visalakshi to 3 years in jail in the property transfer case. In this case, Justice Jayachandran today ruled against the Villupuram court to move the property to Ponmudi, in a case being pursued by the Anti-Corruption Bureau. In this paper, he decided that there is no need to revise the property issued by the Special Court in the current situation. The judge also said that even if the special court order is wrong, it cannot be changed now. The judge dismissed the case to allow the anti-corruption agency to take legal action if necessary.



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