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Cyclone will hit India in 2023

India experienced 6 cyclones in this year 2023 namely Mocha, Bibarjai, Tej, Hamun, Mithili and Mikjam.

Mocha Storm
The cyclone that formed over the Bay of Bengal in May this year gradually got stronger and stronger until it became a tidal wave on May 11. Cyclone Mocha strengthened beyond meteorologists’ expectations. Cyclone Mocha made landfall between southeast Myanmar and Bangladesh on May 14. When the storm hit the ground, it brought winds of around 195 km / h and heavy rain. Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and other states were not affected by this storm. However, the temperature rises unusually, leaving people stranded.

Bibarjoy Storm
Cyclone Pibarjoy is considered to be the most violent cyclonic storm. Cyclone Pibarjai formed over the Arabian Sea in the Middle East on June 6 before the onset of the southwest monsoon. The storm made landfall in the early hours of June 16 near Jakkau port in Kutch district of Gujarat. When the storm hit the ground, strong winds were blowing at 125 km / h. As a result of this heavy rain, heavy rains lashed the states of Gujarat, Goa, Rajasthan, Maharashtra and Delhi. Pakistan was also affected by this storm. It was reported that 12 people died in Pakistan due to this heavy rain. It affected thousands of people.
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Tej Storm
Cyclone Tej formed in the Arabian Sea last October. Storm Tej is the first monsoon to develop in the Arabian Sea due to heavy rainfall in Tamil Nadu. The storm strengthened into a tropical storm over the Arabian Midwest on the 23rd and moved northwest on the morning of October 24 and reached the coast of Yemen.



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