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Vijayakanth did not go to the assembly..

Vijayakanth avoided going to the convention when tongues were swirling in the convention. Even if he does this, he will sign a document and return without participating in their activities. Vijayakanth’s absence from the meeting was criticized and given an explanation on the spot.

Vijayakanth, who achieved success in the film industry, started DMUDikava in 2005 to make his mark in politics. After this, during the 2006 assembly elections, DMD ran in all 234 constituencies. Party leader Vijayakanth won only from Vriddhachalam constituency. After that, he used political speech to attract people and increase the percentage of votes in parliamentary elections.

Vijayakanth was invited to join the AIADMK alliance during the 2011 assembly elections. At that time, the DMDK contested in 41 constituencies of the AIADMK alliance and won in 29 constituencies. The DMK won fewer seats than that. As a result, Vijayakanth assumed the role of Leader of Opposition in the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly. Over the next few months, tensions between the AIADMK and the DMDK flared up. Did AIADMK win the parliamentary elections against DMK? DMK beat AIADMK? The dispute took place in a broad way. Vijayakanth, angered by the AIADMK’s outcry, raised his hand and stuck his tongue out in warning.

When the conflict in the convention became intense, the DM was expelled from the convention. Opposition leader Vijayakanth was suspended for 10 days. Even after the interval, Vijayakanth did not come to the convention. After a month, he went to the convention, and signed the registration form and avoided attending the convention. In March, all DMD representatives were arrested. Only Vijayakanth, who was absent from the council at that time, acted.



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