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Ramadoss wanted ISRO scientists

Aditya L1 spacecraft, which was sent to study the Sun, successfully entered the sky. In this speech, BAMAK President Ramadoss thanked the ISRO scientists who are responsible for this success. There are a total of 8 planets in the solar system. Only 4 of these planets have a terrestrial surface. In addition, there are only annular regions on Earth. Life can only exist on planets with a ring zone. If we take the planet Mercury, its atmosphere is not clean. The reason is the radiation energy of the Sun. These rays cover Mercury’s gyrus.

The second planet, Venus, has a large atmosphere. But the pressure is strong. Therefore life will not be lived. Mars also has an airy season. But the hot lava-like liquid in the center of the planet has completely solidified. As a result, this planet no longer has a magnetic field. Therefore, the solar radiation completely destroys the rings of Mars. Under this world there is still a mixture of fire. It exhibits magnetic properties. This is why if you are a magnet and hang it, one end will point because of the north and the other end will point because of the south. This magnetic force makes the universe unstable. Whatever magnetism protects us, it is difficult for us to overcome it if the sun’s rays hit the earth too much. So we sent the Aditya L-1 aircraft to get an early warning of such a threat. The plane landed at L1 successfully today. The various organizations appreciate and thank the scientists who worked hard to achieve this success. The founding chairman of the Workers’ Party also thanked the scientists



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