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Switch to the Indian Ocean… Heavy rain falls on New Year’s Day! Weather update!

The Meteorological Department has warned that the circulation of high pressure is over the Indian Ocean, which will turn into a low pressure area in the next 24 hours. Due to this, there is a risk of heavy rains in Tamil Nadu, the research institute said. Usually, the southwest monsoon is the first to bring rain in Tamil Nadu. Similarly, this year too, the rains started heavily from the first week of June. But as the days went by, the rain was not enough. Although Tamil Nadu received heavy rainfall, the neighboring states of Kerala and Karnataka received rain this morning. Fireworks in Kerala have been badly affected due to low rainfall.

Due to reduced rainfall in the downstream areas of Karnataka, water inflow into dams, including Krishnaraja Sagar, has reduced. So some water was released in Mettur. It is a big disappointment that Karnataka has not released enough water while farmers in the delta region depend on water from Mettur Dam and wait. This is how the south west monsoons live. After this, the northeast monsoon began. This rain, which started in October, fell in abundance. All dams in Tamil Nadu, except Mettur, have reached capacity. During this period, Cyclone Mijam, which originated in the Bay of Bengal, crossed the coast of Andhra Pradesh, which is close to Chennai. As a result, Chennai, Thiruvallur, Kanchipuram and Chengalpattu districts received heavy rainfall. As a result, the four regions have a big problem. On the other hand, in the southern region, December 1. The 16th and 17th heavy rains caused unprecedented flooding. About 40,000,000 people were affected by the flood. In this case, Tamil Nadu will receive heavy rainfall on January 1 and 2, the beginning of the year, the meteorological department said.

That is, the air circulation over the Indian Ocean and South East Arabian Sea during the next 24 hours.



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