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A museum depicting the history of ISRO; Attack on Madrasite School

Everything from the first Aryabatta satellite launched by ISRO to the current INSAT satellite is on display at the ISRO Science Museum at the Satish Dhawan Center in Sriharikota. SS Types of rockets sent by ISRO like LV, PSLV, GSLV are lined up here.

A rocket watch room was set up in 2019 for visitors to witness the rocket activity for themselves when Shivan was the chief of ISRO. The ISRO History Museum is also located in the same compound, which is designed to accommodate around 5,000 people at a time and gives a clear view of the rocket lift. The first project is sent by 1975, Chandran, admits in a rocket, the use of rockets, which is successful from the ISRRO. Museums are placed in the Museum, and expires of rockets from the day of Srihariatical day, which is 100 miles away from Chennai.

After visiting the science museum and climbing three floors, you can enjoy the rocket launch with great fanfare. Five days before the rocket launch, the ISRO website will provide a link to attend the event itself. For security purposes, you can use your Aadhaar details to keep track of ISRO rocket launch events on the website. 



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