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Sasikala, who moved to the Poes Garden house

Jayalalithaa’s friend Sasikala went to Tirupati and worshiped the seven elephants. I went on a VIP darshan break with some relatives early this morning and fell in love with the mountain elephants. Ssikala, who broke the odds and entered her new home in Boisgarden, got her wish at the Eyumalayan Temple.

VVIPs, politicians and businessmen came to take darshan at Tirupati Seven Hills and had a VIP holiday. Many devotees wait for hours to visit the Seven Mountain Elephant. After building a new house, Sasikala went to Tirupati and got darshan from the Seven Hills. Sasica lived and a former chief of God’s authority before MGR.

Jaylaliathaha live in the same house until it was earlier to death. He added his name to the ballot of a thousand lights. Sasikala’s name is also mentioned in the food card of Veda station. When people go out of the eyes of Zaulalaia, everything is interpreted. Sasakala went to prison on materials in February 2017, even though Sasica Number of months.

Palaniswami became the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu with the support of Sasikala. Later, many AIADMK members, including Palaniswami, stood against Sasikala. The government declared Jayalalitha’s Vedha Airport as a memorial, in an attempt to prevent Sasikala from returning to the Poise Estate and becoming a human being. After this, Sasikala’s name was removed from the constituency’s electoral roll. When the example of MeaPa, who traveled to the law, life in him.

From most of his life and great impact on the boise, decided to spend time in the universe and the glory of Jalalalalalalaliath



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