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Devotees insulted Sabarimala.important decision taken by Devasthanam!

Once the Karthika month arrives, Shasta devotees wear cloths and visit Lord Ayyappan who is seated at Sabarimala. Although devotees who go there with their hair tied and veiled have been visiting Ayyappan for years without any difficulty, the problems they face this year alone are not example. The Devasthanam says that the number of devotees has increased significantly in the last two years, while the number of devotees visiting was limited before the Corona period. Ayyappan Sannithanam temple is crowded with devotees from Kerala and Tamil Nadu and various states this year alone.

Especially from Erumeli, Kannamala, Ilavakkal and Nilakkal, the movement of vehicles is seen everywhere, the police and the devotees do not clash here and there. Although only 600 people walk the forest path known as Periya Patha to reach the Ayyappan temple, the number of devotees who visited the place last Sunday was about 6 thousand. As the number of pilgrims traveling on the main road is increasing day by day, basic amenities including drinking water have been provided at all places like Sitalakulam, Zero Point, Pulimedu and Kurdhaikuzhi.

As a result, the number of devotees who visited the Ayyappan temple for Mandal Pooja in 40 days crossed 27 lakhs, according to the Devasthanam administration. Also, the number of devotees who gathered for Sami darshan last Sunday is unprecedented in the history of Ayyappan temple. One lakh and ninety thousand devotees are waiting for more than 24 hours everywhere, be it in Nilakkal, Bamba, Big Road or Small Road. .. is winning.

Although online and in-person submissions are prohibited according to court orders, worshipers are not restricted. In this situation, as the Mandal Puja will take place on the morning of 27th between 10:30 and 11:30 am, the devasthanam authorities have taken steps to reduce the number of worshippers.

In other words, it has been decided to give internet access to only 64,000 people on Tuesday and 70,000 people on Wednesday when Mandal Puja is held. In this regard, although the crowd of devotees will be controlled to some extent, the Kerala government has deployed more than 3,000 policemen to ensure security and increase vigilance.
Due to these restrictions comes Mandal Puja



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