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“I can’t say what I said about politics and Vijay” – actor Prashant

Actor Prashanth, who participated in the helmet awareness campaign in Palayankottai area of ​​Nellai district, gave free helmets to the public. After this, he met the press and spoke… “I came to see Nellie today for fun, I’ll work where I came, and I’ll leave again. They say, a helmet is a life jacket.

It’s not just a life jacket, but a family coat. Many people lose their lives due to road accidents. Lack of helmets increases the number of victims. That is why we have done a lot of work on behalf of my supporters to raise awareness about this topic. Will be published soon. Now I am acting with Vijay sir in G.O.A.T. Two or three new calls came in. Soon, I will also do something in this area. The movie G.O.A.T is doing well. The image must be as you expected. Everyone should know the movie.

Come to the theater and enjoy all the fun… I will not break this faith in the movie now” “This has started, thank you Vijay. You can call him my brother. Public service requires a lot of commitment, including hard work. Vijay sir has many of them. It’s very difficult for me, it takes courage, I play the role of an actor. Only actor now. I do what I can to people through me. I do such works to change people’s love for me. No political agenda”



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