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“If AI misuses my voice…” – Narendra Modi talks to Bill Gates!

Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, who visited India, shared interesting facts about his visit on social media.

Hence, on February 29, Bill Gates met and held talks with Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the Prime Minister’s residence at 7 Race Course Road in Delhi. A 45-minute video of Modi’s conversation with Bill Gates was posted on Modi’s personal YouTube channel.

Modi shared his views on health, environment and technology with Bill Gates.

Talking about technology, Modi said, “Working intelligence technology should be part of India. My government’s mission is to give digital education to every child in every country. Powerful tools like AI must be used appropriately; These people cannot replace a real human expert.

If we use AI as a magic tool, great injustice can be done or if I use AI because of laziness… For example, if I were to I wrote a letter to someone instead and I ask ChatGPT to write the letter to me. , This is the wrong way. I have to compete in ChatGPT. I will fight with that,” he said. Bill Gates acknowledges the problem of AI inventions and other issues.

Continuing, Modi said: “In a great democratic country like India, if someone uploads a fake, for example someone uploads something wrong on my voice, people will first admit it.This can be confusing. It is important to mention that the mystery was created by AI and its source was revealed. Such powerful tools are easy to misuse without proper training,” he said.



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