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“It is not only the AIADMK that we are negotiating alliances with other big parties.” – Mansoor Ali Khan

Mansoor Alan has met the Munsamy, Srinivasan Dandigige on Benjamin and the main taid of AIDDK in the Royalttah, Chennai. The Indian reported on the MANSSOOR Alikan announced that it will assign an event in AIADMK Alliance and it will have a campaign for AIDMK by Tamil Adar.

Reported: This morning, a group led by Mansoor Ali Khan held discussions with the AIADMK regarding the upcoming alliance for the parliamentary elections. No agreement was reached during the talks, but it is expected that talks will continue. Besides AIADMK, one other big party is in talks. We strongly urge you to participate in the local elections. We are determined to get the voice of the people in the Parliament and get the rights of Tamil Nadu.

So we will soon announce who the Democratic Tigers of India will be partnering with. It may be known that Mansoor Ali Khan has filed his nomination papers as the Naam Tamil Party candidate from Dindigul constituency in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections after the announcement.



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