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It’s just a few days… there is a change in the electricity tariff system in Tamil Nadu.. Good news

Not only in Chennai, there are reports of changes in the electricity billing system in houses in Tamil Nadu in the coming weeks.

In the coming days, Tamil Nadu will implement a new tariff model called IE designed for public distribution connections. The Tamil Nadu Electricity Regulatory Commission last November created a new tariff model called IE for the general supply of electricity to small houses and issued an order that will come into force on November 1.

But it is not implemented properly. Work should start soon.

What is the new system: Domestic service bonds are paid at Rs 8.15 per unit under the 1-D model that was introduced last year. Earlier it was Rs.8. It was later increased to Rs 8.15. This provoked criticism among the people. For this, a new section 1-E was created. Accordingly, buildings of three floors or less, buildings of 10 floors or less without lift will be classified under category I-E and charged Rs 5.50 per unit. However, as per TNERC guidelines, it has been announced that the fixed charge will be Rs 102 per kW for ID and IE models. Not done: In terms of TNERC, as proposed by Dangetco, this project is being done for the benefit of small houses across the state, for public good. It was also announced that the state government will first give Tangetco a regular subsidy to cover the shortfall due to the tariff cuts. The process began on November 1. But many places to live.



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