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Cyclone damages infrastructure in Andhra

The severe cyclonic storm Michaung, which crossed the Andhra Pradesh coast close to Bapatla on Tuesday and subsequently weakened into a cyclonic storm, left a trail of destruction in its wake.

Michaung is expected to subside into a deep depression over the next six hours, said an official.

The storm damaged 770-kilometre roads, uprooted 35 trees and killed three livestock, among others.

According to data shared by the Chief Minister’s Office (CMO), nearly 40 lakh people from 194 villages and two towns were affected by Michaung’s impact, including the inundation of 25 villages.

Though there was no loss of human life on Tuesday, Andhra Pradesh State Disaster Management Authority Director BR Ambedkar told PTI that a four-year-old boy died after a hut wall collapsed on him in Tirupati district on Monday.

While another person died in Bapatla district, Superintendent of Police Vakul Jindal told PTI that the cause of death was not related to the cyclone.

“The lone deceased person was found in a drunken state on a road by his motorcycle, which was not submerged under water, in the Inkollu village,” Jindal said. Across the state, 204 relief camps are accommodating 15,173 evacuees. As part of relief efforts, 18,073 food packets and more than 1 lakh water packets were distributed. Eighty health camps were also organised.



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