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5 amazing spices that promote weight loss

Incorporating certain spices in your diet from cinnamon to black pepper, can help with better metabolism and appetite control.

1. Cinnamon: Cinnamon can work wonders for your blood sugar levels as the natural compounds present in the spice can control your blood sugar levels. (Unsplash).

2. Turmeric: Haldi has a powerful compound called curcumin that has long been recognised for its anti-inflammatory properties. Additionally, it can purify blood and boost immunity. Consuming it can prevent obesity as curcumin helps control inflammation, a major cause of weight gain. (Unsplash)

3. Ginger: A powerful remedy for digestive health in ancient times, ginger is known to boost metabolism and help in weight loss. It is also considered a detox remedy. (Pixabay)
4. Black pepper: Kali mirch helps boost flavour of your food as well as burn fat. This is due to a compound called piperine which helps boost fat metabolism and even aid belly fat loss. (Pixabay)
5. Mustard seeds: Mustard seeds has a powerful and pungent flavour and can help boost metabolism, thus aiding in burning calories. (depositphoto)



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