'I didn't even know Sami Zayn': Former WWE star's shocking revelation

'I didn't even know Sami Zayn': Former WWE star's shocking revelation
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Sami Zayn is currently one of the biggest superstars and well-known figures in WWE. Alongside Kevin Owens and Cody Rhodes, he is one of the biggest challengers and rivals to The Bloodline.

The Master Strategist shot in prominence when he betrayed The Tribal Chief during Roman Reigns vs Kevin Owens match at 2023 Royal Rumble. After that, Zayn fought the biggest battle of his wrestling career when he took on Reigns in the 2023 Elimination Chamber.

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Former WWE Superstar Jacques Rougeau has claimed that he was unaware of Zayn before his historic Elimination Chamber match. Rougeau who also hails from Canada like Zayn revealed this fact on Story Time with Dutch Mantell.

"I didn't even know Sami Zayn before last week, before he got such an ovation when he came to work because, you know, I gotta put in context there that when I had my falling out with Vince [McMahon] 30 years ago, I just turned my TV off. You know, I just I never never watched one show, not one Dutch, not one, not 10 minutes of a show. [So, you never watched the Sami Zayn and the Roman Reigns arc?] No, no, I haven't watched nothing of that," said Rougeau.

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