Understanding generative AI, the tech backing OpenAI's ChatGPT

Understanding generative AI, the tech backing OpenAI's ChatGPT
By: latest-news Posted On: March 18, 2023 View: 23

Here is everything you need to know about this technology.

What Is Generative Ai?

The most famous generative AI application is ChatGPT, a chatbot that Microsoft-backed OpenAI released late last year. The AI powering it is known as a large language model because it takes in a text prompt and from that writes a human-like response.


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What Is It Good For?

Generative AI likewise can take notes during a virtual meeting. It can draft and personalize emails, and it can create slide presentations. Microsoft Corp and Alphabet Inc's Google each demonstrated these features in product announcements this week.

What's Wrong With That?Nothing, although there is concern about the technology's potential abuse.

School systems have fretted about students turning in AI-drafted essays, undermining the hard work required for them to learn. Cybersecurity researchers have also expressed concern that generative AI could allow bad actors, even governments, to produce far more disinformation than before.

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