'Leprechaun': How to watch this comedy horror series? See proper order

'Leprechaun': How to watch this comedy horror series? See proper order
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It stars Warwick Davis in lead role, and the creation-direction is led by notable director Mark Jones. Moreover, it didn't become popular with just one movie. It was the second installment which set flames to fire.

The main focus of the Leprechaun horror comedy film series is on a violent leprechaun seeking revenge on those who steal his gold. If people would stop taking his belongings, he probably wouldn't be so cruel. He hunts down various thieves and even searches for a partner to travel around the world and beyond.

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Leprechaun movies in order

First watch Leprechaun, then stream its sequel, which made it a big thing, Leprechaun 2. After these two, one may play Leprechaun 3, and then Leprechaun 4: In space.

Leprechaun movies are generally considered campy, but they consistently emphasize the consequences of greed. Although the films are often hilarious, the portrayal of violence remains appealing to horror enthusiasts.

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